SONAX 287400 Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer, 750 ml

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SONAX 287400 Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer, 750 ml

SONAX 287400 Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer, 750 ml

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Believe me, i was in the same boat as yours where the ceramic coating offered the protection but the gloss was missing in my case too.

Was primarily looking to boost the gloss with BSD, but will it come at cost of loosing some benefits of coating? There are products from other brands as well which serve the same purpose which you can try. Generally the thumb rule with a ceramic coated car is not to coat it with another layer of any product. This is because it will cover up the characteristics of the ceramic layer thereby nullifying your investment on the ceramic coating.

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First of all you need to let the forum know what is your expectation and why are you trying to use any product for that matter on a ceramic coted car. Also if you're using it as a drying aid, the durability point is moot too, as you will definitely be washing your car more than once every three months, and BSD lasts as least as long as that. Sonax products, available for immediate delivery online. If you require anyhelp or advice regarding Sonax products please call on 01484 841444 and one of our team will be happy to help It also provides very good protection. The birds poop which would earlier leave a orange coloured spot on the paint (if i cleaned it after a day), was now unable to leave any spot even after sitting on the paint for three days.

The first attempt I made to enhance the gloss was to use Carpro Hydr02 and it will instantly offer the gloss but again that is not something which Now coming to the Sonax BSD as @Abhi said its most effective as a standalone product. It offers more protection than shine. I personally could not find any depletion or any miss in the ceramic coating properties. In fact, it was better now with the gloss being evident. For my application I diluted it 1:2 (Product : Water) which brought down its viscosity to a level where it can be evenly applied.

However this can be achieved by mixing it with other products like v7 but its not available in India. Obviously the product comes in a spray bottle of 750ml. Fortunately the spray head works nicely and doesn't drip. Product is very easily to apply with sufficient time to spread evenly on the surface. Doesn't leave much residue, if any can be wiped off easily. I have used around 50ml to apply a single coat on my pre-cleaned car. Previously it had Menzerna PPU and K2 Ultra Wax.

But as soon as I washed it with 3M's car shampoo, the water beading reduced to a great extent. I'm clueless about this. 3M does mention that it is a pH neutral shampoo but cannot find anything which claims that it is safe for wax/sealents. I don't know if other members face similar problems. I think from next time I'll be buying Sonax car shampoo.So far I have applied BSD in ratios of 1:3,1:2 and lately 1:1 and I could not find any reason not to use it atop of the coating. SONAX is the market leader in car care products in Germany, and one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. However, this is my first Sonax Product and it is so exciting. The BSD was updated or improved some years ago and placed under Xtreme Line. The predecessor bottle was opaque and gray in color. Since your car is coated with Ceramic, that too isn't very old, you won't notice any significant improvement with BSD or any other products. Wax could provide a little more depth because of the oils present in it, but BSD isn't going to do that. BSD as an standalone product, gives a very cold finish and not a warm finish like the wax. I also wasn't able to notice significant gloss on my paint with BSD but the water beading effect was surely there. If you want, you can try products with SiO2 content. Might show you better results than BSD.

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